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Taken data package of 3g also. Now except whatsapp all other applications are working. Whatsapp is working only by switching on the wifi network. Still facing problem with WhatsApp. I am using Redmi note 4. With out connecting data, the data quota getting drained everyday without my knowledge. How to stop this. I have a mi3.

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Still the updater app eats up all my data. Please help. Kindly report it in the MIUI forum. Note, that wifi works perfectly. Help please. You ask your carrier to help you on this. Hi ethan, data connection from sim card 1 cant display and acses from my xioami redmi 1s. I have purchased MI2.

Internet browser is not working with data on but all the google apps like google play,google maps etc are working fine. Newly downloaded apps like whatsapp,skype,truecaller doest not detect the data. Problem is untraceable.

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Phone is rebooted many times. Whatsapp is uninstalled 3 times and again reloaded but problem continous. Please suggest. Update your Redmi Note 4G to the latest firmware. I have redmi note.

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I have turned on international roaming bimistake when I got a pop up…. Slide the International data roaming switch to the left. I am using redme note 4g and I am having a serious problem. Please help me to find it out. Follow the steps here , and make sure WhatsApp is allowed to use Mobile data.

Make sure WhatsApp is allowed to use mobile data. Open the Download app. Change the Download size limit to U nlimited. Try downloading any apps from Google Play using the mobile data connection. See this post if you want the instructions with the screen shots. I never use my data balance. My phone is redmi 1s. If you need to access Internet using your mobile connection, yes you need a data plan.

Do check with your carrier on this. I always keep my WiFi on. What I find is even after the phone was connected to WiFi full time in the last 24 hours, 50mb my daily limit for mobile data was deducted and I got a notification. Hi, Is it possible to get the mobile data usage stats for previous months? Vodafone generated a bill for my last month stating and charging for very high mobile data usage. Will appreciate a lot any help. As far as I understood, Set Data Usage lets you manually enter how much data you have used so far for a particular month. If you enter MB, the data usage of the remaining days of the month will be added to MB.

Even if there is cover art present in a mp3, the MI music player is unable to display it. I did a comparison of it with Poweramp player. Kindly check the attached screenshots. And if it has some function why is it not working? When I play a new song the player auto pause for a fraction of a second. This is something the MIUI developers have to resolve. Kindly refer to this tutorial. How can I rectify this issue. I would suggest you double check to ensure you have set the data limit at the right place in the Peak data limit field.

If you see 1GB used, you can reset it by entering 0 in Set data usage limit. My data connection automatically turns on whenever I leave the house. This seriously pisses me off because i dont have a data plan. I always get charged by my mobile carrier for no reason. Is there a fix to this? I did whatever I could.

I went to my mobile carrier centre to ask and they said it was a phone problem. The only way for me not to get charged is to delete all the APNs from Settings. So even when the data is turned on it still turns on by itself though , there will be no Internet connection connecting from my mobile carrier. Thanks for your help btw. I appreciate it. So what was the best way? It really really annoys me.

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Did you see an error when you enable mobile data? Are all apps not working using mobile data or only certain apps?

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What other symptoms you see regarding this issue? Many of my apps not working using mobile data only few apps like browser is working using mobile data. I have a redmi note.

My problem is when I use my data connection.